Commercial & Agricultural


Ecogrow Environment has been providing Beneficial Nematodes for varied commercial applications for over 20 years.

We continue to focus on assisting Horticulture and Amenity & Sports Turf users in the use of this superior pest control option.
We welcome any sales enquiries for larger quantity orders of our products, as well as routine scheduled applications. As a general rule, prices for such orders will be at a rate lower than indicated for the lesser quantities of products as shown in our webstore.
We can also assist in the establishment of structured application programs suitable to individual situations and the pest control requirements.
We are happy to deal direct with customers, and to assist in providing advice and options.
We ship direct from our facility in the ACT region, with direct flights and established courier networks Australia wide
Please call us to discuss!

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Benefits for the Commercial User –

  • Bulk pricing benefits
  • Advance order – Commercial Turf Treatment Packages – ensuring product availability at the best pricing
  • Assistance with product application and establishment of IPM approaches

Target Pests –

Commercial applications can include products for the control of –

  • Fungus Gnat / Sciarid Fly
  • African Black Beetle
  • Argentine Scarab
  • Black-Headed Pasture Cockchafer
  • Red-Headed Pasture Cockchafer
  • Argentine Stem Weevil
  • Bill Bug
  • Mole Cricket
  • Cutworm
  • Armyworm
  • Winter Corbie
  • Ground Pearl
  • Black Vine Weevil
  • Small Hive Beetle
  • Portuguese Millipede
  • Sirex Wasp

Why should you support this Australian Technology?

  • It works! Proven and effective CSIRO technology since 1999. (20+ years commercially).
  • Proven to be more effective and with greater mortality than alternative treatments.
  • No adverse effect on bees, birds or fish as recently documented with Neonicotinoid insecticides.
  • Completely safe for the environment and waterways.
  • As part of an IPM strategy. To prevent induced chemical resistance and allow those other products you are currently relying on to work longer!
  • Be a leader in Environmental Stewardship in your community and workplace.
  • Incorporate as part of a broader Environmental Management Plan.
  • Safe for operators, staff and the general public.

Competitive Pricing Structure!

We have modified our pricing structure to accommodate substantial discounts based on improving visibility in our production systems. For reduced pricing we require that an order is placed no less than 4 weeks prior to the required dispatch date. Nematodes are living organisms, and reducing wastage with improved visibility we can pass the savings on for advanced orders suitable for a timely control approach.

We still continue to produce for speculative sales at our existing pricing structure to reflect the true production and wastage costs we can provide quotations as well as our professional representatives.

Effective Strategies.

Seasonal preventative treatments with Beneficial Nematodes are an effective approach to the control of many pests.

Some organisations have adopted a preferred strategy of rotating in biological treatments at least every alternative year to prevent the induced chemical resistance that can develop over just a couple of generations of pests.

We can advise on the options available to best suit your situation.