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Nematodes currently in production at Ecogrow Environment

We produce nematodes for niche markets and a range of different Industries eg Forestry, Wholesale Nurseries, Golf Clubs, Universities, AQIS, DPI'S, Govt Departments, householders etc.

The development of Entomopathogenic Nematode technology is in its infancy. We have one of the world's largest collections and are constantly collecting new species which will greatly increase the range of target pest which we can control.

Currently we have established control for:

The concentration of a nematode in products varies with the time and method of application. We give advice on the specific use of nematodes to control a range of insect pest spp.


Heterorhabditis zealandica

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Available Mid October to late April or pre orders in Northern States.

Soil Temps over 15C, it controls the following insect pests:

Argentine Scarab African Black Beetle, Argentine Stem Weevil, Red-headed Cockchafer, Black-headed Cockchafer. We don't treat Christmas Beetle Larvae.

Weevil Control

Black Vine weevil temps over 15C only

Bill Bug Control temps over 15C and avoid high surface temps.


Steinernema carpocapsae

Available Autumn to Spring. Produced anytime for pre orders

Soil Temps over 15C

Army Worm/ Cut Worm . Caterpillars are motile so a re application may be necessary

Termite Control . re applications may be necessary.

Flea Control . re applications may be necessary. Larvae control only.


Heterorhabditis bacteriophora

Available Mid March and Mid September for 6 weeks each time.

Soil Temps over 12C

Black Vine Weevil temps over 12C only.

Used in Nurseries producing Mediterranean type plants. Mostly VIC & TAS

Cool Climates


Steinernema feltiae

Available All year

Soil Temps over 12C

Fungus gnat control in Horticulture, Nurseries, University Research Facilities, Dept of Ag, AQIS, DPI'S.

Fungus Gnat Flyer

Rhabditidae necromena

Available Mid May to Mid June

Soil Temps over 25C

Portuguese Millipede Control. Produced for


Beddingia siricidicola

Available Mid May to Mid August

Sirex Wasp, control for Forestry.