Bio Control Vs Chemical Control

Bio Control

Chemical Control

Targeted to particular pest

Usually has effect on more than the targeted insects – Earthworms etc.

Harmless to animals

Can be harmful to animals, birds, ducks and fish particularly

Host parasitic relationship once pest declines so to does control

Control is delivered through chemical poisoning

Better soil quality-plant growth
Better disease resistance
Better water retention
Better resistance to heat or water stress

Reduced organic activity in soil, usually results in more disease. Reduced organic matter in soil results in poor moisture and retention.

No harm to other beneficial organisms, bacteria, fungi protozoa, ringworms earthworms. Totally non toxic.

Often leads to non targeted beneficial destruction and reduced organic activity leading to poor soil quality water retention etc.

Has no effect on the plant turf or plant

Can lead to phytotoxidity or chemical burning

Will not lead to resistance

Resistance especially in short life cycle pest a big concern

No need for specialized safety equipment in, handling, use storage or disposal

Required extensive investment in equipment storage and handling difficult to dispose of safely.

No risk to staff or facility users

Risk of liability EPA, members, staff and general public